Tr - il Trittico If 100dB is a 100km ride in the company and the OHM is 100 miles to test the distance, "Tr" is another unique experience where to put a strain on your legs will be the climbs. Three important climbs, three summit, "Three" is the perfect number in this new chemical element. This is the ascent to the three hills of the area, Montevecchia, Monte di Brianza (better known as San Genesio) and Monte Canto encroaching on the land of Bergamo. The idea was born in spring 2017 when for training needs I had to put in the legs distance and height at the same time and in singlespeed mode, it came out a path in places very familiar to local bikers but connected to each other, to discover corners less known and very beautiful. It will be open to any type of mtb but the real experience will be to do it in singlespeed where the long climbs will have to face sipping each effort, calmly, at your own pace, in order to save more energy possible. Obviously there will not be "only" the three climbs, the three hills are connected to each other by uphills and downs that after a certain time will be felt in the legs. It is another permanent route, without an annual event, without a precise date, freely ridable all year round in this land that never ceases to amaze. Follow the updates on the FB page

  download .gpx of Trittico (follow the clockwise)